Special Covid 19


Covid-19: There are currently no more mandatory measures for hotels and tourist accommodation.
All you need to know about the coronavirus in Belgium: https://www.info-coronavirus.be

Health Safety : Your health remains our priority, we take the necessary hygiene measures to welcome you in the best possible safety. Cleanliness has always been and remains the essential criterion for us. But it is all the more crucial as we all aim to reduce the spread of Covid-19. The sanitary measures recommended by the FPS Public Health within our accommodation must be respected, in particular with regard to the number of guests per accommodation: the same rules as for private meetings in residence apply.
Barrier gestures :We will respect the rules of physical distances and we will welcome you at least 1.50 meters away. We will wear a mask and gloves to welcome you. Your disinfected keys will be given to you on a tray, a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser and tissues are available at reception and in front of the rooms. You are carefully invited to come with your personal washable mask.
Arrival and departure : time slots will be set by mutual agreement for your arrival (between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m.) and for your departure (between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.) in order to limit contact as much as possible.
Registration : your contact data will be registered on arrival and kept for 14 days after departure to facilitate, if necessary, any subsequent contact tracing as part of the traceability carried out by the competent authorities. A copy of the identity card or passport of each traveler is requested upon arrival. In compliance with the GDPR, this data can only serve this purpose;unless expressly agreed otherwise. Customers who refuse it will be denied access to our accommodation.
If you are a traveler likely to be affected by COVID-19, or presenting respiratory symptoms or have been in contact with a person affected by Covid-19 in the 14 days preceding your stay at La Chabetaine, you will have to postpone your stay. If a person presents health problems suggesting COVID-19 upon arrival, we will unfortunately have to refuse them access to our accommodation.
Cleaning : Reinforced cleaning is carried out by us with the wearing of masks and gloves. Living spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms will be aired for a minimum of 20 minutes and then cleaned with soap and water. Disinfection of surfaces (table, bedside table, door handle, switches, toilet seat, floor, ramp, small equipment used as a remote control, etc.) with water containing 1% bleach or a 70% alcoholic solution.Common areas and risk areas will be disinfected twice a day.
Bed linen and bath linen: The washing of bed linen and bath linen is done in washing cycles at 60° minimum, drying outdoors or in the dryer, ironing is done at home.
Crockery and cutlery : made by washing cycles in the dishwasher at 60° minimum.
• Documentation, brochures, books, board games, table decorations: have been removed from our accommodation on the advice of the Ministry of Health.
Addresses, information and activities in the region can be found in the discover area : https://www.lachabetaine.be
Your breakfast : 8 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. (except by prior arrangement) served either
- In the dining room, in physical distance per room or per bubble.
-On prior request, in the room, without contact with anyone. We leave the name trays in front of your room at 8:00 a.m. and they will be returned to the same place when you are finished.

Swimming pool: Regulations

1. A mobile terrace, Rolling-Deck® covers and secures the swimming pool at La Chabetaine outside opening hours (in accordance with standard NF P90-308). The opening and closing of the mobile terrace are managed solely by the owners who reserve the right to block access for compelling reasons.
2. Access : via the wooden portico to the left of the main entrance and the driveway leading to the poolhouse. Outside the opening hours of the swimming pool, the portico will be locked.
3. Pool opening hours :The swimming pool is only open in season, every day from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. except in special circumstances or inclement weather.
Outside these time slots, users are required to vacate the pool so that we can carry out maintenance, cleaning and disinfection work.
4. The pool is unsupervised and prohibited for children unaccompanied by a responsible adult .
5. The use of the outdoor swimming pool is at your own risk , we decline all responsibility in the event of an accident.
6. The use of the swimming pool is reserved only for people staying at La Chabetaine and following a time slot pre-planned by mutual agreement, per room or group of people belonging to the same social circle in order to avoid contact between different bubbles .The use of the swimming pool is private, with a maximum of 4 people or 1 person / 10 m2 and only if the customers do not show any symptoms that may be linked to Covid-19 or if they have not been in contact with a person with Covid-19 or a person with symptoms reminiscent of Covid-19 in the 14 days preceding their stay. A questionnaire will be completed by customers upon arrival.
7. The maximum length of stay in the enclosure of the outdoor swimming pool per family bubble or per room is limited to 2 hours/day so that each customer can take advantage of it.
8. Access to the swimming pool and the use of sanitary facilities are prohibited for non-customers .
9. The pool water treatment is automated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and manual spot checks are carried out regularly to ensure the quality of the water and the proper functioning of the devices.
10.Access to the technical room of the pool house is totally forbidden to customers.
11. Regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and equipment with 0.5% bleach, approved virucidal products or with a minimum of 70% ethanol.
12. Hydroalcoholic gel and soap dispenser are available in the poolhouse.
13. Disinfection of users' hands is required at the entrance to the open-air bath.
14. Hands must be washed before and after going to the toilet.
15. Obligation for each swimmer to take an outdoor shower with rinsing of the feet before and after using the pool.
16. Respect for the physical distance of 1.5m in and around the swimming pool as well as in the common areas. In the bathing pool, the required distance must be observed or even ensured independently. Avoid the formation of groups, especially at the edges of the pool, on the resting area and on the steps.
17. It is forbidden to drink and eat around and in the swimming pool.
18. Jumps and dives in the pool are prohibited.
19. Wearing a mask is compulsory in common areas. All customers must have a mask on them.
20. A mandatory personal pool towel is to be brought by the customer and placed on the deckchair. Supply possible for rental with a supplement of €4/person/stay. Towel to be returned to us at the end of the stay or if necessary change and wash at 60°.

Our guests are an integral part of our health policy:
The maximum of precautions is implemented for the safety of our travelers,
reciprocally, we ask everyone to help us maintain a healthy environment for you and for the people who will follow.
Please inform departing guests if they become ill within 14 days of their stay.
We attach great importance to the wishes of our customers, if you have any questions, special expectations, please let us know, we will try to answer them as best we can.
These rules, according to the directives recommended by the National Health Office are likely to change according to the evolution of the pandemic and to which we will be obliged to submit for the well-being of all.

While ensuring a soothing atmosphere conducive to relaxation, calm and your well-being, we take all the necessary measures to counter the spread of Covid19.
Your hosts, despite all the care taken to counter the virus, cannot be held responsible for any contamination beyond their control.
Thank you for your collaboration and excellent stay at La Chabetaine.

Bea and Alin